Saturday, April 22, 2017

*REVIEW* My Life As....Outfits

I bought two new My Life AS outfits.  These are very nice and fit the AG dolls fairly well. 
 I do not have AG Logan so put the boys outfit on my Felicity to see how it would fit on Logan. 

It is fine, but doesn't quite go together in the back past the Velcro.  However, it fit about the same on MY Life As Schoolboy.  The tennis shoes fit both dolls,but really were too big in the toes.  
The tennis shoes were made of canvas and light weight vinyl.  Both outfits were made in Vietnam.  Cost of each outfit, $9.97.   


Friday, April 21, 2017

*Reader Photos* Felicity's Birthday

I added the cups, silver box and "hot chocolate" urn.

Queen's Treasures colonial chairs

Celebrating Felicity's birthday with AG treat set

The silver box is a Wliilamsburg ornament.

AG Podcast on Doll Ethnicity

The person talks about their experience going to the store and looking for an Asian American doll. The people that make the podcast, all discuss the situation from a marketing and business point of view. It was interesting. 

The American Girl segment starts at around 15:14 and ends at 30:00 or 31:00. They do mention American Girl in the remaining segments, but briefly and as part of an example. 


*NEWS* Taobao Listing of TM Dolls in Perma-Panties

The Truly Me Dolls are set to get a new outfit this summer. Renee found this link on Taobao.

There are several dolls, WW and 18”. The 18” have the permanent panties. All the panties are light pink, like what was leaked. I zoomed in and took screenshots of the shoes and underwear.  It is hard to tell if they are AG shoes, although there is a black tag on them, just like in some of the other pictures.  

I noticed that Z has the same hand (s) as Tenney, but in the photos from the Toy Fair, she has the original design, so think she is pre-production. The pink high tops look like they are all plastic. 



Also to add to what Renee has said, I think Z has a Tenney body in the photo above. It wasn't indicated she would have a new hand like Tenney.

What are your thoughts?
Will you be purchasing Z Yang?