Wednesday, January 18, 2017

*REVIEW* Addy Face Mold Differences

Since we all know that Gabby is TM 46 with them Sonali face mold, I wanted to focus on doll face molds and subtle differences I have noticed. 

Addy has one face mold, but lately my dolls with Addy face molds look different from one another. 

TM 31 and MyAG 50 look different, but same face molds.  MyAG eyes look bigger and seem to face you straight on. TM31 her eyes seem smaller and look down turned. Noses look different too and the vinyl on My AG 50 catches more of these light in the room on her face than TM 31.  They are the same in color, but 50 seems to glow. Pleasant Company JLY 18 has an Addy face mold, but looks different than the other two. Darker vinyl and features in the face are more defined. 
This makes me feel 100% confident that Gabby may have slight variations in her face mold as well that may be different from most TM46. Hope this helps. 


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

*REVIEW* Joan of Arc Doll - Doll's From Heaven

One of the dolls my family got this year for Christmas was the Dolls from Heaven St. Joan of Arc doll.  Dolls from Heaven is a relatively new company, whose message is to inspire all children to become Saints.  I first heard about Dolls from Heaven on LADL. I knew these dolls had to join our family!
Our St. Joan of Arc doll arrived dressed for battle in her armor and with her book "She is Joan of Arc" (not shown).  We did not purchase St. Joan's accessory set.
St. Joan has pretty blue sleep eyes, and shoulder-length, straight blonde hair.  Her hair is wigged and extremely soft.  I love her eyebrows.  Her lips look like they are hand painted.  

There is some nice blushing on her hands, knees and feet, and she even comes with her fingernails and toenails painted.
I think St. Joan's outfit is really cool.  There are a lot of pieces and they are really well done.  The armor and wrist cuffs are lined.  The "chainmail" is really well constructed and closes in the back with a zipper.  You can tell that Dolls from Heaven took the time to get this outfit right.  

It is appropriate for young children to dress and undress the doll, but the pieces are well thought out and really look like a little suit of armor!
St. Joan's body is designed similarly to AG dolls, and can pose like AG dolls, though I think her hands might be a tiny bit larger, and her head is a little bigger.  She can nicely wear AG and OG clothing and shoes.  She actually looks quite cute in the new AG brownie ombre glasses.

One thing that really stands out about St. Joan is how pale she is!  She is by far the fairest doll we have in our family.  She is significantly lighter than AG light vinyl dolls like Maryellen, and is even paler than the My Twinn very fair vinyl. Maryellen is really not any taller than St. Joan or our My Twinn, Kira, she is just wearing high heeled shoes.
We are excited about this new line of 18 inch play dolls and are looking forward to St. John Paul II's release later this year!
Best, Belle